Spring Into Home Organization with These Five Simple Tricks

Spring is here and summer is around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to tackle home organization projects. To get us on the right track, we asked organizational expert, Christy Callahan with Style by Christy Callahan, for home organization tips to follow and this is what she shared. 

  1. Start small: One closet, one space, one room.

Organizing can feel overwhelming and that’s why most people never do it. If you start with one place in your home like a drawer, closet or a room, you’ll be more inspired to keep going.

  1. Create sentimental boxes.

Put sentimental items in a box dedicated to those items. This helps keep everything in one place and it also limits the amount you can keep since you’re restricted to the size of the box. Remember, you can’t keep every sentimental item if you want to stay clutter-free and organized. When it comes to deciding what’s important enough to keep, put them in order of importance and only keep the top ones.

  1. Create and define a space for everything so it’s clear where things go and are to be put back after use.

Everything you own should have a home where it “lives” in your space. This will help you avoid throwing things in a catch-all drawer or closet. It also makes it easier to return things to its “home” once you’re finished with it. And, it makes retrieving things much more quickly – which can be a huge timesaver. 

  1. Use consistent storage accessories and hangers to makes everything look more uniform.

When it comes to organization, using matching accessories and hangers makes it easier to see and find things and it looks sharp. It will transform your space and motivate you to stay organized.

  1. Closet organization: Hang everything except your underwear and bras.

Putting everything you own on a hanger allows you to see everything you have. And, if you don’t have enough room in your closet for everything to be hung, then that is an indicator that it’s time to pare down your wardrobe. Truly keep only what you love and are wearing. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you never will.


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