Best Father’s Day Gifts from My Father

Naturally, we think any of our products – Go Hang It! Pro, Cabinet Caddy SNAP!, and Cabinet Caddy – are perfect gifts for dad on Father’s Day. We might be biased because they are our products, but I invented them together with my dad. I’ll sell you on the reasons why our products make the best Father’s Day gifts, but first I want to tell you more about the man behind our products.

My father is brilliant. I think every girl thinks this about her father at some point in her life, but I still stand by it after 49 years. He’s also innovative, diligent, quiet, and reserved. He never stops thinking or moving – he continues to invent new products and plays racquetball nearly every day at 81 years old. He can also play a mean guitar. He’s a wonderful grandfather who plays an active role in my son’s life. And, he’s a top-notch father to me.

He’s the reason I started INSP!RED Product Development Group. My father has been an inventor for all of my life. He has more than 150 patents and has invented numerous products – many I’m sure you’ve used or at least heard of. I started working with him in our family business when I was little and we’ve worked together at his companies ever since.

Gratefully, he encouraged me to start our company after I had the idea for the Go Hang It! Pro, and we brought our co-invention to life. So, you can tell your dad that his Father’s Day gift is not only practical, functional and stylish, but it’s also created by one awesome dad for another.

Now, for the sales pitch on the BEST Father’s Day gifts for your dad

Whether your father is Mr. Handy or Mr. Not-So-Handy, Go Hang It! Pro is the perfect gift for Father’s Day to make his handiwork even easier. Go Hang It! Pro is an all-in-1 picture hanging system with ZERO measuring required. It comes with 85 pieces of premium hardware stored in a compact case, so Dad doesn’t have to keep going to the store for more pieces and parts. Go Hang It! Pro is designed to ensure Dad can hang pictures right the first time so he can move on to other projects quickly. 

The Cabinet Caddy SNAP! is a new and improved pull-and-rotate organizer for any Dad who is trying to downsize and/or keep things organized. It has a sleek design and three adjustable snap-in shelves that pivot for easy access to items such as spices, prescriptions/vitamins, hardware (think nuts and bolts, tape measure, small flashlight, etc.), and so much more. It fits into most cabinets, so Dad can maximize and declutter his space. Here's a quick video to learn more about this new product that just became available in October:


Shari Hammond

Co-Founder & CEO of INSP!RED Product Development Group

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